• The white shirt manifesto

    The white shirt manifesto

    Trends may come and go but white shirt will stay in style forever. There are few wardrobe essentials that I lean on as much as the white shirt. It is versatile for any weather - ...
  • London is for shopping

    London is for shopping

    A few years ago I read a quote by Susan Sontag. It read, 'to travel is to shop!' Two of my favorite words, ‘travel’ and ‘shop’ in one sentence. Needles to say I take it to hear...
  • Embracing ethical fashion

    Embracing ethical fashion

    In the second part of series to embrace sustainable fashion, we spoke about buying hand made clothes than fashion fashion machine made garments. These garments last longer and ar...
  • Harvest, Handloom and India

    Harvest, Handloom and India

    It's such a wonderful coincidence to be in India on the day Indians celebrate the passing of winter solstice. My mind is alive and my heart is warm with memories of celebrating L...
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