• Madras in Monochrome

    Madras in Monochrome

    After Mumbai, there is Madras. If you've been visiting our blog, you know that both of us love Mumbai. We blogged about our love for the city a few times - B for Bombay and Mumba...
  • Can fast fashion be sustainable?

    Can fast fashion be sustainable?

    My day job involves working in sustainable development; often surprises people who know me as fashion ninja! Well, fashion is usually perceived as frivolous and shallow, and fa...
  • The Banjara Story: Moda Ninja x Naveda

    The Banjara Story: Moda Ninja x Naveda

    Growing up, I remember being fascinated by a group of people called Banjaras. Banjara is the biggest ethnic tribal group of India often referred to as 'The Gypsies of India'. Their...
  • In search of “Shakti”

    In search of “Shakti”

    Growing up in Jamshedpur, Durga Pooja was an integral part of my life. For the uninitiated Durga Puja or Durgotsava is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates worship of the Hin...
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